Corey Hart
Backing Vocals : Dorian Sherwood, Julie Masse

along the beach I never collected shells
from my father's shore
we were raised by my mama's hand
she tried to give us more
now seasons turn in me, all the answers I yearn to know
does the light shadow you, you never let it show

reconcile, reconcile, reconcile me

when I was twenty two years old
I thought I owned what made me sad
you can't trade silver or buy with gold
for the times you never had
now I'm looking out at the world
do troubled waters flow from my heart?
truth remains it's just too late to really make a start

reconcile, reconcile, reconcile me
reconcile me, please reconcile me

today I've got two kids of my own,
all I want is to do the best I can
It's all about the choices you made
I will never, I will never understand

reconcile, reconcile, reconcile me
reconcile me
reconcile me