Coat of arms (free adoption)

Carrière family

As you may know, Alain-Christian organized the meeting of 16 August 2003 for the pleasure to meet, but also to help us raise funds to acquire arms of us.

The arms were born in the Middle Ages, with a view to identifying combatants hardly recognizable in the fray of feudal wars, art or science of heraldic emblem has developed an efficient and harmonious graphic emblems, whose aesthetic and its obvious prestige have succeeded through the centuries.

Who has not admired these colors, these lions off, these eagles made or graceful fleur-de-lis on many buildings? Today as yesterday, heraldic art elegantly allows to distinguish a person, group, a community by allowing it to be represented by a coat of arms.

In 1988, the Queen gave Canada the power to grant arms. The Governor General is the head of the Canadian Heraldic Authority, whose employees - appointed heralds - create a coat of arms in Canada. You can send a request, together with information on why arms should we be granted to us or to our organization. The Herald examines our arms requested and received permission from the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor of the weapons to grant arms. This honor is awarded in recognition of dedication to the community or contribution to the nation. Those seeking a coat of arms should bear the cost of research and artistic work that requires the production of documents. The average cost ranges between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000, it has already heard that this recognition could be less expensive and that is what we hope.

Ébauche des armoiries

Our arms free design or adoption meant this:

"ECU for heart pal loaded Canadian house of sand on a silver pin of a head of blue flowers with lilies plow the farmer with the same side of dextral azur weapons and soldier sinister side in red pen also the same."

Translated into our language, the description of this proposal is :
The furniture and figures are all of sand or black for better contrast and discuss the wisdom and constancy. The head or the upper third or azure blue lily flowers, a sign of loyalty and fidelity as well as the French flag at the time, marking the separation between France country of origin of our European ancestors, represented by the farmer's plow . And pal, part of the lower divided into three, the color of the Motherland. With the party in the center and the edge or bottom of the shield, characterizing our ancestor, Pierre Jamme, soldier of the king came in Canada. In the main, in the middle or at the center, a Canadian house for the establishment of our ancestor in Canada on a white background, in the third left, a sign indicating the weapons of soldier that was our ancestor in Canada, blue background and right a pen used to sign at the beginning of the colony, on a red background, signaling the fact that his wife was released from captivity following the preparations for the treaty in Montreal in 1701 and mean that our grandfathers knew sign. The all expressing our origins and our French culture or the neutrality of our family between France and England, these two major powers at the origin of our country.

There are of course various types of arms with or without currency or descriptive name.

For my part, I propose motto: Love, hard work and ingenuity.

These arms of free expression or free adoption as like to say our heralds of Canada, are not acceptable in this form, for various reasons it would take too long to explain here.

Armoiries officielles

Here are official arms :

The symbolism would be as follows :

Weapons :
Torn sewn azure and appetizers at the Silver Cross of planted lily azure, limited to one, a plow, to two, three rifles awarded saltire and pal, the three, two feathers looped at four, a sheaf of wheat, all gold.
Currency :

The explanation of the symbolism would be as follows :

Weapons :
The shield of arms is divided by a white cross with blue lily flowers. The four portions are colored blue and red alternately. The top of the shield is charged with one side of a plow and the other three guns in frying pan at the bottom of the shield are illustrated two feathers in saltire and a sheaf of wheat, all of gold.
Symbolism :
The colors blue, white and red were considered appropriate for the composition of our shield because they remind the French origin of Careers North America and the similarity of the flag of Compagnie Franche de la Marine and the France, our motherland. These colors symbolize, loyalty, serenity, courage and creative power that our families have testified. They also represent the French regime, the neutrality of our families at the beginning of the colony and the British conquest, thus reflecting the diversity of our cultures of today. Also, the use of these three powerful color contrast, allow a more rapid identification and provide high visibility to our arms.
The cross reflects the character or the religious heritage of our families. Les fleurs de lys express loyalty and fidelity of our early ancestors of America to France, as well as the military engagement of our ancestor Pierre Jamme.
The plow of the farmer is our ancestor by the French occupation of the father of Pierre and the Carrier first settled in Nouvelle-France.
The weapons in a position to bivouac in memory of soldier that was the ancestor Pierre Jamme.
The feathers were used to sign at the beginning of the colony, marking the fact that the wife of our ancestor was released from captivity Iroquoian continued preparations for the signing of the Treaty of the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701 and also to indicate that our write ancestor knew.
Finally the sheaf of wheat to remind us that our ancestors first established in Canada had to work hard to fertilize the land ungrateful to feed their offspring. And also to symbolize the line of Carrier that in Western Canada is another facet of families Carrière North America.
All these figures are furniture or gold or yellow, for better contrast and discuss generosity, hard work and perseverance of our fathers.
Currency :
Love ● Labour ● Ingenuity is a currency that represents the philosophy and values that have always animated and animate the Carrière that our association represents.
The love of our mothers and all our ancestors who settled on land sometimes dry base for families and give us this beautiful offspring.
The work that these ancestors had to provide to raise their families and provide for all this small world, even in hostile territory.
The ingenuity of each of us to succeed despite the adversity test or to escape poverty and to change our race.

Thus, there is the representation of families and complex career of our association from Pierre Jamme dit Carrière and Jean Carrier, identifying them separately and together jointly: blue for the Carrier, red for Jamme and at the same time , blue and red for the Carrière.