The objectives of the association

Consolidate all those interested in life and history, Carrière direct descendants or alliance Pierre Jamme dit Carrière, Carrier direct descendants by blood or marriage Jean Carrier or Noël Lebrun.

Ensuring that all people descending from one of these ancestors, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to discover his roots and to tell his story, to determine the genealogy of the descendants of the Pierre Jamme and Marie-Magdelenne Barbary, Jean Carrier and Noël Lebrun and maintaining a mutual genealogical serving its members.

Raise awareness and develop our family assets through better understanding of people and their works as well as through the promotion and dissemination of family history.

More about our origins by a constant search for our ancestors, their families and their places of origin.

Produce and distribute a newsletter and other publications of historical and genealogical and new social and family members.

Organize rallies, regional meetings and general to enable a better understanding of its members while commemorating events and highlighting the contribution of each family assets or other activities so that members and their friends can at least once year and develop and foster a sense of belonging while promoting the development of history and genealogy of members.

Compile Archives collecting documents, films, photographs, newspaper clippings, stories, anecdotes, etc.. relating to families and encouraging research on the history and genealogy of the Family. The brand is likely to add to our family history through the dissemination of knowledge on historical and genealogical families through newsletter and promote conservation and preservation of family assets while providing members of the family opportunity to take note of this material collected and edited in some manuscripts and documents inaccessible to some.

Promote and encourage the writing and publication of a dictionary of all genealogical Carrière and Carrier of America, from the early colonial days until the present.

Promoting the development and enhancement of the association through the implementation of arms, songs, monuments, etc.

Organize conferences, meetings, meetings, exhibitions for the promotion, development and popularization of the history and genealogy or any other matter affecting families Carrière and Carrier.

Invite everyone on our family or relatives is to join our family association.

Make available a variety of products bearing the quarries and offered according to the wishes expressed by members.

Organizer, possibly a trip to the land of our ancestors.

To contact us by email :

While our mailing address is:
Carrière Family Association
144 de Trieste, Vimont
Laval, Qc, H7M 1P1