The creation

For several years, Carrière and Carrier from here and also dreamed of an association. That Claude Carrière, assisted by his son André and a good friend Alain-Christian Carrière, who finally realize this wish in the year 2001.

The Carrière Family Association thank you for visiting our site. We incorporated some information about our association and we invite you to contact us for further information. You'll also find a form you can print and return by mail.

The projects of the Association of Career many families. First, recruit as many members as possible to collect the information that everyone has been able to turn and try, in this way, write the story of Pierre Jammes, Jean Carrier and Noël Lebrun and many of their descendants in America.

We are looking for members to assist us in updating our site and more importantly our newsletter. We will focus our efforts to trace those members who are willing to share their efforts to help us maintain this active association. You know, maybe? Let us know!

Thank you to all those who are already members, whose funding helps us maintain this site, but especially to those who share the fruits of their research. We want you to know the group around you. Your cooperation is very valuable.

Claude Carrière
Founding President 2001-2007

To contact us by email :

While our mailing address is:
Carrière Family Association
144 de Trieste, Vimont
Laval, Qc, H7M 1P1