My thanks

While I am not as eloquent as my father, but I want to thank these people themselves.

Alain-Christian Carrière
Founding member and unconditional source of information.
Bruno Carrière
New president, without the association would have died with my father.
Charles-Aimé Carrier
Valuable contributor to the Carrier.
Madeleine Jalbert
Source remarkable acts.

André Carrière
Secretary-Treasurer 2001-

Our most sincere thanks

This page is dedicated to all those who helped us a little more to achieve what you see and even what you do not see on this site.

At the end of a sheet, there is sometimes the name of a person who added or corrected something in this form, but it is fleeting thanks because someone else brings something else, is his name appears at the bottom of the form, forgetting the person who preceded them.

The names will remain here for as long as this page will be on the site, because these are people who have been more generous and we have sent more than their simple families.

I want to name all these sincere and generous people who have supported and encouraged. I quote in alphabetical order because it will be easier to find and also because I would not want to commit injustice.

Thank you all and all, on my behalf and on behalf of all those you've helped.

It is essential that these gave me more than any other and that their own family line, as I said earlier. If I limited the list to them, that otherwise it would have been too long, but these so I thank them.

As against, if there is that I forgot, I apologize and do not hesitate to refresh my memory failed.

Claude Carrière
Founding President 2001-2007